Revolutionary Archiving of 8 Million Issues Across 36 Jira Servers in Under 30 Days

In an ambitious project, a leading global consulting firm tackled the complex task of migrating and archiving over 8 million issues from 36 Jira Servers to Zendesk. This case study delves into how the firm successfully navigated the challenges of Jira Server migration, Jira Zendesk migration, and Jira archiving, completing this monumental task in under 30 days with the innovative use of Getint Archiver and custom solutions.

Key Contributors:

  • Damian, Senior IT Service Manager
  • Lukasz, IT Service Manager
  • Radek/Jacek, Getint Specialists

Client Overview:

A major player in global consulting and technology services, our client boasts a robust history dating back to the mid-19th century. Headquartered in Europe, they have expanded into over 50 countries, serving a diverse range of industries. Renowned for their commitment to innovation and digital transformation, they employ more than 400,000 professionals worldwide.

Project Objective (Jira Archiving / Jira to Zendesk migration):

Faced with the discontinuation of Jira Server, our client required a strategic transition (migration) to Zendesk, driven by the need for a more robust and scalable solution for future operations.

Challenges Faced:

  • Time Constraint & Deployment Challenge: With the Jira Server's end of life imminent, the project was constrained to a 30-day window. The client’s high-security standards necessitated a secure, custom-configured OnPremise deployment of Getint.
  • Migration Complexity: The project involved migrating from 36 unique Jira instances to Zendesk, presenting a complex, multi-faceted challenge.

Strategic Implementation:

  • Direct Jira Database Connection with Custom Solutions: Our team established a direct database connection to Jira, supplemented with custom development tailored to the client's intricate needs.
  • Data Standardization: Across 36 Jira servers, data types and fields were unified, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the migration process.
  • Parallel Processing: Utilization of multiple Getint instances simultaneously to expedite the migration process.
  • Innovative Introduction of Getint Archiver: This new tool was developed specifically to enhance migration speed and flexibility, addressing the unique demands of such a large-scale migration.

The Genesis of Getint Archiver:

Data migration, contrary to popular belief, isn't a walk in the park. It demands rigorous planning and precise execution. For instance, determining which data to transfer and how (e.g., should 'assignees' be migrated as is or shifted to a custom text field?) is a considerable task.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Ensuring the recipient tool can accommodate the data is crucial. Add API constraints to the mix, and you have a challenging puzzle.

That’s where Getint Archiver enters the scene. This innovative tool stores data pre-transfer, bypassing the usual API limitations and vastly improving migration speeds. Furthermore, it provided the flexibility to decide the migration specifics for Zendesk and allowed for data extraction, like in PDF format, from the Getint Archiver.

Data Integration Details:

The migration involved 6 custom field types, with approximately 80 fields each, encompassing a mix of standard and custom field types, such as text, dates, dropdowns, and statuses. The process also included migrating comments and attachments.

Project Statistics:

  • Data Migrated: Over 8 million issues
  • Servers Involved: 36 Jira Servers
  • Custom Fields Handled: 480 (6 types x 80 fields)
  • Completion Time: Less than 30 days

Getint & the Client: Seamless Collaboration for Success:

At Getint, our philosophy extends beyond the typical B2B paradigm. We stand firm in our belief that, at its core, business is about human connections — or as we like to call it, H2H (Human to Human). This perspective shapes our approach in every collaboration, ensuring that relationships are built on trust, understanding, and shared goals.

When it came to the Client, it wasn't just about fulfilling a contract. From the outset, we understood that a project of this magnitude was dynamic, requiring frequent adjustments and adaptability. Formal agreements and scope definitions, while crucial, were just the beginning.

To foster a sense of unity and real-time collaboration, we initiated a dedicated Slack channel, bridging any communication gaps and promoting instantaneous feedback. This platform gave both teams the feeling of working side-by-side, despite any physical distances. Regular status calls—sometimes daily in the project's early stages—ensured everyone was aligned on objectives and progress.

But what truly set this collaboration apart was our mutual flexibility. As the project evolved, so did our approach. Minor scope changes were addressed with agility, keeping client satisfaction at the forefront.

The culmination of our joint efforts didn't just achieve the desired outcomes, leaving the Client's business stakeholders, including their VP, immensely satisfied. More importantly, it forged a deep and enduring bond between our teams, transforming a business partnership into a lasting friendship.

“The comprehensive migration project undertaken by the Client, in collaboration with Getint, was methodically bifurcated into two distinct phases to streamline the intricate process. The initial phase encompassed the migration of data from the numerous Jira servers to the Getint Archiver. This step was crucial, as it not only served as an intermediary storage solution but also facilitated data standardization, thereby ensuring the uniformity of data sets. Following the successful completion of the first phase, the second segment of the project was initiated. This involved the meticulous transfer of data from the Getint Archiver directly to Zendesk. By segmenting the process in this manner, both teams were able to maintain a clear focus on each stage, optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of the data migration.”

Radek/Jacek, Getint

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