About Getint

At Getint, our passion has always been crafting software that addresses genuine challenges, making a pivotal difference to businesses that rely on it.

Both co-founders have deep roots in the Atlassian ecosystem, where we honed our skills developing and scaling one of its inaugural integration applications.

Before launching Getint, we immersed ourselves in global communities, engaged with industry consultants, and connected with myriad specialists at various events.

This extensive research affirmed our belief: it was time to innovate and challenge existing paradigms.Then, as the world faced the onset of COVID, we saw an opportunity. Rather than binge-watching shows from the confines of our homes, we channeled our energy into birthing Getint.

It's a decision we proudly count as our best.

Getint stands at the forefront of providing top-tier software...

Getint stands at the forefront of providing top-tier software at an equitable price. From our inception, we've anchored our ethos in value-based pricing, always tuning into our customers and their unique needs. Our growth is propelled by the feedback we receive. Distinctively positioned as one of the few Integration-as-a-Software tools, we offer custom development to address even the most intricate challenges. For us, going the extra mile isn't an option—it's a commitment to deliver unparalleled value.

Getint: Ready-to-Use Licensing

Our software is enterprise-ready and primed to work straight out of the box. Designed for effortless self-setup, it's user-friendly with a quick 3-minute installation process. Whether you're looking to deploy as a Jira application, SaaS, or On-Premise, Getint has you covered. For 99% of scenarios, it's all you'll ever need to thrive.

Getint: Custom Development & Consulting

For those unique and demanding 1% of scenarios, we step in with our specialized consulting and custom development services. Whether you require specific features, scripts, or comprehensive integrations, we've got you covered. If it's achievable, consider it done with Getint.

Our team

Introducing the founders of Getint. Our mission? To ensure your success. We're firm believers that the traditional B2B approach is evolving. It's time to embrace the H2H (Human to Human) philosophy in business.

Radosław Wasiuk

Co-Founder, CTO, mastermind, chief programmer.

Jacek Wizmur Szymczak

Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer. My main job is to handle marketing and sales. I also work with Atlassian Partners and am responsible for looking for ways to scale the business.

Thanks a lot for the quick help and excellent assistance! Highly appreciate your service. I always got a quick, honest and to the point response, amazing support and amazing team! Many thanks

Lina Massarwa

Been working with Getint for a few months now, and can genuinely say they are the hardest working team I’ve met! Always eager to help, to expand their product and to meet or normally exceed our expectations. Their product is easy to work with, quickly deployed and far superior to the competitor product we used to use. Highly recommended!

Richard Winstock


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