Archive, Don't Just Migrate:

Preserve Your Data the Smart Way with Getint Archiver

Rethink your data strategy with Getint Archiver: Seamlessly archive your Asana,, and Jira records while ensuring rapid data retrieval. Enjoy the freedom of a clutter-free migration, maximize new platform capabilities, and keep vital historical data at your fingertips. Whether you're shifting to a new workspace or consolidating, our solution streamlines your transition without compromising on data integrity or speed.


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Step into the Realm of Effortless Integrations That Simply Deliver


Easily Connect with Your Current System and Getint Archiver

Whether you're utilizing our self-hosted solution or our SaaS offering, the connection process remains straightforward. Simply provide the necessary admin user credentials for the system you're migrating from, along with access to Getint Archiver. Our tool communicates directly through APIs, ensuring a seamless data access and transfer. Your data's integrity and security are paramount, and we've streamlined the process to make it as hassle-free as possible.


Tailor Your Archiving with Field and Type Mapping

Once connected, it's time to customize your archiving process. Start by aligning the types—whether it's a task, story, bug, incident, or any other category—to their corresponding "mirrored type" in Getint Archiver. Dive deeper into specifics by mapping fields such as summary, title, description, area path, assignment group, assignee, priority, label, and any others you deem essential. Remember, it's your archive, so you decide the depth. Want a comprehensive record? Opt to include comments and attachments, ensuring that every vital piece of information is securely stored and effortlessly retrievable.


Finalize, Save, and Kickstart Your Archiving Process

In this concluding step, define the specific time range for the data you aim to archive, whether it's the past year, five years, or a custom duration. Once set, save your configurations under a distinct name for easy reference in the future. With everything in place, launch the migration confidently. As the process unfolds, head over to the Reporting section to monitor real-time progress, access vital details, and delve into comprehensive logs ensuring transparency every step of the way.


Your Data, Your Way: Preview, Export, or Migrate

With your data securely archived in Getint Archiver, you're empowered with choices. Dive in and preview your archived records directly within the platform for a quick review. Need them elsewhere? Easily export your data for external usage. Or, if you're looking to integrate the archived data into a new system, smoothly migrate it to your chosen destination platform. Your data remains agile, accessible, and ready for any next step you envision.

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    Flexible Deployment

    Whether you prefer a SaaS solution or need an On-Premise setup, Getint Archiver adapts to your needs. With the capability to operate entirely behind your firewall, you're in total control of where your data resides.

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    Blazing Fast Archiving

    Why wait? Our archiving process is up to 60x faster than typical migrations, saving you precious time and ensuring swift data retrieval when you need it.

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    A Human-centric Approach

    We have transcended the typical B2B and B2C models, adopting a Human to Human approach. This is why we offer flexible, accommodating support through various channels like Jira Service Management, email, and even Slack for our valued customers.


    Tailored Migration Experience

    Say goodbye to the tedious task of mirroring your new system to look exactly like the old one. Migrate only what's essential and archive the rest, allowing you to leverage the full capabilities of your new platform without unnecessary baggage.


    Optimal Data Preservation

    Compliance and legal requirements often necessitate the preservation of old data. With Getint Archiver, you can be assured that this data is safely stored, accessible, and out of the way of your primary operations.

Maximize your transition efficiency:

First, send your data to the Archiver. Then, when you're ready, effortlessly move it to your new system.

It's the perfect solution for those racing against the ticking clock of license expiration

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