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One-Way or Two-Way Flexibility

Effortlessly Design Your Ideal Workflow with Getint's Self-Serve Integrations. Stay in Sync with Automated, Two-Way or One-Way No-Code Solution.

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Bidirectional Sync > Native integrations

Traditional single-direction automation and native integrations like Zapier push your data from one application to another using fixed rules, a process that can often prove restrictive. However, with Getint's two-way synchronization, this limitation becomes a thing of the past. It empowers you with the latest data from any work app and disseminates it instantly according to your personally customized fields and regulations. Any modifications made in one application automatically propagate across your software stack. This not only saves time but also equips you with the tools to make intelligent, expedited decisions.


Tailored Deployment Options for Enterprises, Mid-Sized, and Small Businesses

Every company possesses unique needs. Some appreciate the ability to swiftly deploy an app with minimal effort, favoring SaaS solutions that require no extensive setup. Others might prefer the convenience of an app installation via marketplaces, such as the Atlassian Marketplace. There are also those—often large-scale enterprises—who prefer on-premise deployment, allowing operations to run entirely behind a firewall.Whatever your preference, Getint caters to all these requirements, providing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.


Quick Three-Minute Setup for Immediate Use, Plus Advanced Features for Complex Scenarios

Integrations often play a crucial role in the functioning of organizations. The ability to swiftly implement a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and demonstrate its value to your stakeholders is vital. Subsequently, you can expand and delve into more advanced setups—such as filtering, scripting, post-create updates, hierarchy integration, and custom fields integration. Getint equips you with the capability to launch quickly and then scale according to increasing needs. Experience the freedom of growth with Getint.


Customization options

Every integration presents its own unique challenges. Many of the cases we handle can be addressed using our ready-to-go platform. However, certain situations call for a more specialized approach and bespoke development. We operate under the conviction that if something can be done to aid the customer, it ought to be. This commitment drives us to offer custom development options designed to fulfill the needs of even our most discerning clients.


Elevate Your Workflow: Integration & Migration Perfected

The Getint platform empowers you with diverse data handling options. Seamlessly integrate fresh data for synchronized instances, transfer historical records between platforms, archive past information, or opt for a comprehensive approach — migrating historical data while maintaining real-time sync for future updates. Tailor your strategy to fit your unique business needs.

Your Integration Ally

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    Optimal Security

    We uphold the highest standards in data security, with ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications and participation in a bug bounty program. We offer a self-hosted version of our platform, capable of fully operating behind your firewall, ensuring we meet even the most rigorous requirements of our clients.

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    Data Migration and Integration

    Our platform supports both data migration and continuous integration. We can assist in migrating your data initially and subsequently keep it synchronized.

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    A Human-centric Approach

    We have transcended the typical B2B and B2C models, adopting a Human to Human approach. This is why we offer flexible, accommodating support through various channels like Jira Service Management, email, and even Slack for our valued customers.


    Tailored Solutions and Consultation

    Our customer-driven platform empowers us to assist with the implementation of our tool and to develop custom features tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure your success with our integration.


    Ease of Scaling

    Begin with a basic 1-to-1 integration, such as Jira-Azure DevOps, and gradually scale up to include multiple Jira instances, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and more. For such scenarios, we offer bespoke, value-based pricing.

One-to-many Integration

One-to-one Integration


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