Safeguarding Your Data Privacy: Our Top Priority

As an ISO 27001 certified company, Getint takes security to heart, deploying stringent measures to safeguard our customers' data. We participate actively in a bug bounty program, a testament to our commitment to continuous security enhancement. Moreover, we provide a range of deployment options, including on-premise versions capable of operating fully behind a firewall, to cater to the most complex and demanding environments.
Your trust is our mandate, and we work relentlessly to fulfill it.


Effortless 3-Minute Setup Enhanced
by Scripting for Advanced Configuration

Begin by establishing
a basic integration using our user-friendly interface.

Implement filtering to refine your integration process.

Customize your setup
by adding scripts for advanced requirements.


ISO 27001 and ISO 2018 Compliance

Our commitment to data security is paramount. We adhere strictly to the rigorous standards set by ISO 27001 and ISO 2018, ensuring that our data management and security protocols are of the highest caliber. Clients can trust in the robustness of our systems, knowing that their information is protected by internationally recognized best practices.


Enhanced Monitoring with Logs, Notifications, and Dashboards

Visibility and proactive monitoring are key to ensuring data security. Our platform provides comprehensive logs, notifications, and intuitive dashboards, allowing users to stay informed about their data's status. This proactive approach ensures that users can identify and respond to any irregularities swiftly.


Secure Hosting and Storage on AWS and Linode for Getint Cloud

At Getint, we prioritize your data's safety. Our hosting partners include the reputable AWS and the EU-based Linode, which is GDPR compliant. By leveraging their state-of-the-art infrastructure, we provide an environment where data is not just stored, but protected, ensuring compliance with international privacy standards.


On-Premise Deployment for Enhanced Privacy

Recognizing the unique security requirements of different enterprises, Getint offers an On-Premise deployment option. This allows businesses to run Getint entirely behind their firewall, ensuring a higher degree of control and data isolation. With this deployment, all data processes and integrations occur within your infrastructure, aligning with your internal security protocols and offering an added layer of protection against external vulnerabilities.


Safe Transactions: Payments via Bank Transfers or Stripe

Financial security is just as crucial as data security. That's why we offer payment options through bank transfers or Stripe – a leading payment gateway known for its rigorous security standards. Whether you're initiating a transfer or processing a transaction through Stripe, rest assured your financial details are in safe hands.


Cloud Fortified

As part of Atlassian's Cloud Fortified program, Getint delivers enhanced security, reliability, and support. Our benefits include stringent cloud security measures, thorough reliability checks, and a commitment to 24-hour support response times, ensuring your integrations are both robust and dependable.


Marketplace Bug Bounty Program Participant

Getint actively participates in the Bug Bounty Program, harnessing one of the most effective post-production tools for identifying vulnerabilities. By crowdsourcing vulnerability detection, we enhance our security with insights from top security researchers, complementing the expertise of our internal team.


Logs Encryption

Secure Your Data with Getint’s Logs Encryption.
Getint offers top-tier security with our Logs Encryption feature. Within the Data Storage settings, you can enable Logs Encryption to ensure all integrated field values are protected. This critical security layer encrypts your data logs, safeguarding them against unauthorized access, even if data transmission is compromised.


Secure Team Collaboration

Streamline Team Integration with Getint.
Enhance team collaboration with Getint’s secure, flexible integration management. Set up private or shared integrations with customizable access for each team member.
1. Controlled Access: Manage multiple accounts and tailor sharing settings.
2. Efficient Collaboration: Use shared templates and ensure seamless handoffs when staff are away.Secure your data while enabling effective teamwork.

Thanks a lot for the quick help and excellent assistance! Highly appreciate your service. I always got a quick, honest and to the point response, amazing support and amazing team! Many thanks

Lina Massarwa

Been working with Getint for a few months now, and can genuinely say they are the hardest working team I’ve met! Always eager to help, to expand their product and to meet or normally exceed our expectations. Their product is easy to work with, quickly deployed and far superior to the competitor product we used to use. Highly recommended!

Richard Winstock

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