IOHK's Efficient Asana to Jira Migration and Integration

IOHK, a leader in blockchain infrastructure, migrated from Asana to Jira using Getint. This integration unified data management across teams, enhancing collaboration and data analysis.

IOHK Client Overview:

Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK stands at the forefront of blockchain infrastructure research and engineering. As a fully decentralized and remote organization, IOHK is committed to academic rigor and evidence-based software development. The company specializes in creating high-assurance blockchain solutions for diverse clients including public, private sectors, and governments, and is the driving force behind Cardano, a leading decentralized smart contract platform.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Senior Jira Analyst: Fayaz Abdul

Integration Objective:

The IOHK team collaborates with various other teams within the company, frequently tasked with developing reports, graphs, and other essential tools. This collaboration necessitates receiving tasks and effectively working with team members who use different project management tools; some teams utilize Jira, while others use Asana. The goal of integrating these platforms is to maintain a comprehensive track of all activities across the different systems, ensuring seamless collaboration across departments.

Before they could integrate the data to prepare meaningful dashboards, it was necessary first to migrate existing data. 

Reason for Data Migration:

With five teams split between using Asana and Jira, IOHK needed to consolidate historical data into Jira to unify data management. This migration was crucial not only for maintaining continuity but also for enabling comprehensive data analysis and quarterly review preparations for management.

Data Integration Specifics:

  • Issue Types:some text
    • Task in Asana → Story in Jira
    • Sub-task in Asana → Sub-Task in Jira
  • Fields: [A detailed mapping of fields was established, including bi-directional synchronization of comments, attachments, and statuses.]

Success Metrics:

The primary measure of success for IOHK was the flawless migration of field values and their subsequent integration. The goal was to ensure stable, reliable integration that would facilitate the creation of essential management dashboards.

Vendor Selection Process:

IOHK chose Getint directly from the Atlassian Marketplace without considering other tools. Impressed by the documentation and a prompt, insightful demo provided by the Getint team, IOHK was convinced of both the tool's efficacy and its competitive pricing, which made the decision straightforward.

Client’s Experience with Getint:

IOHK found Getint exceptionally user-friendly, enabling easy synchronization of necessary issues. The team efficiently set up predefined values for required fields that lacked data from Asana and mapped multiple Asana fields to a single field in Jira. The overall satisfaction with Getint was high, thanks to its intuitive interface, effective support, and flexible field mapping capabilities.


IOHK's migration from Asana to Jira, facilitated by Getint, exemplifies a strategic approach to project management tool integration, enhancing productivity and data coherence across teams. This case study underscores the effectiveness of Getint in managing complex integrations with ease and precision, solidifying its reputation as a dependable solution for enterprise-level needs.

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