Jira Cloud to Monday.com migration

Discover how Arteriorshome seamlessly transitioned from Jira Cloud to Monday.com, benefiting from getint.io's top-notch migration services and expert consulting, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition for their project management needs.

Client: Arteriorshome

Location: USA


Migration to Monday.com from Jira Cloud (~65 users). License, consulting, full-service implementation.

About Arteriorshome.com

For over 30 years, arteriors delivers impeccable style and artisanal quality craftsmanship within the lighting, furniture, wall décor, and home accessory categories to discerning customers worldwide.

The challenge

Arteriorshome reached out to us to quickly migrate from Jira Cloud to Monday.com. They needed to migrate several projects, hundreds of issues, with title, descriptions, comments, attachments, assignees, custom fields (f.e. Impact, Requirements, Risk, Difficulty ).


After signing the NDA, and agreeing on the scope, and terms Arteriorshome gave us access to the Jira, and Monday.com instances. We started with a few calls to make sure we have an understanding of the client’s needs. We worked in Google Docs to specify the scope on which Jira fields should be migrated to Monday.com. The next step was to prepare the Monday.com boards, by adding the fields that would store the data from the Jira Cloud project. The project was time-sensitive, and the Getint.io team worked over the weekend to deliver the results asap.

Quote on the Atlassian Marketplace:

During our migration to Monday.com we realized that we’d need this app to move all of our Jira history without losing comments, files and a variety of custom fields etc. The app worked as expected and we were able to migrate everything very quickly. I’m especially appreciative of the tremendous support we received from Jacek and the team over at Getint.io to provide the assistance we needed to get this done quickly.

by David Miyatake on 2021-12-01

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