Jira Jira Issue Sync and Integration with Getint: A Vendavo Inc. Success Story

This case study showcases the successful integration and synchronization of Jira Cloud and Jira Server issues for Vendavo Inc., using Getint. The integration facilitated real-time updates across different Jira instances, streamlining collaboration without the need for manual data transfers or additional app installations, enhancing efficiency, and maintaining high accuracy in project management.

Client Overview:

Vendavo Inc. 

Vendavo partners with the world’s leading companies to accelerate growth and profitability. Vendavo’s cloud-based, AI-powered price, CPQ, and rebate management solutions help global manufacturers and distributors like Dell, Corning, and Molson Coors manage, optimize, and digitize their end-to-end commercial processes. But Vendavo offers more than software. Their proven, repeatable process, and passionate, experienced people lower risk, accelerate value, and drive profitable, unrivaled business outcomes for their customers. Vendavo helps their customers deliver the right products, at the right prices, at the right time, for the right people. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Denver, with offices in Czech Republic, India, and Sweden, Vendavo boasts a 98% customer retention rate, serving over 200 customers with a global team of more than 500 employees.

Key Stakeholders:

Project Lead: Andrew Smith, Associate Information Technology Systems and DevOps Engineer

Jira Jira Integration Objective:  

Vendavo aimed to achieve near real-time issue updates across different Jira instances without manual data transfer or the need for cross-Jira access. The goal was to streamline collaboration between Vendavo's Program and Solutions teams and their customers' Dev teams through an easy, efficient integration method, without requiring app installations on customer Jiras.

Data Integration Specifics:

Vendavo’s integration encompasses:

Issue Types: Bugs, Clarification, Epic, Story

Fields: Bi-directional and uni-directional synchronization of key fields:

  • Title (Summary)
  • Module
  • Blocked Reason
  • Description
  • Linked Issues
  • Assignee
  • Sprint
  • Labels
  • Security Levels
  • Fix versions

Vendavo is also integrating comments, attachments, and statuses:

Success Metrics:

  • Real-time Synchronization: The key success indicator was the visible, seamless sync between the two Jira instances, ensuring timely updates and integration reliability.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: The integration needed to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes, functioning reliably in the background with proactive monitoring and insightful reporting for quick issue resolution.

Vendor Selection Process:

  • Deployment Flexibility: The choice was significantly influenced by the deployment options. Unlike Exalate, which required app installation that our customer was hesitant about, Getint's SaaS solution offered a single UI for effortless connectivity and management, ensuring a swift, secure integration process without additional security reviews.
  • Scalability and Reporting: Getint's scalability and superior reporting capabilities were decisive factors, providing a clear advantage over other solutions like Backbone.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Getint stood out with its unparalleled value, offering unlimited integrations at a fixed price—contrasting with variable pricing models of alternatives like Unito, Workato, and Zapier, where costs escalate with usage.

Client’s Experience with Getint:

User Interface: Vendavo found Getint's UI intuitively designed, simplifying app connections, type mapping, and field mappings.

Complexity and Customization: Initially overwhelming due to its breadth of options, Getint was ultimately appreciated for its comprehensive features and flexibility, addressing every conceivable integration need.

Support and Onboarding: Getint's team was instrumental in facilitating a smooth start, from procurement to security checks, offering hands-on demos and walkthroughs. Their readiness to assist and easy communication underscored their commitment to customer success.


Working with Getint has been an exceptional experience right from the start. Their team went above and beyond to accommodate our needs, ensuring everything from procurement to security checks was smoothly handled. The user interface is a standout feature for us—it's intuitive and straightforward. Connecting apps, mapping types, and fields felt seamless. Although the tool presents a level of complexity, it's in the best sense possible, offering a rich array of options and configurations that suggest a thoughtful design process behind it. Initially, the sheer breadth of features was a bit daunting, but this feeling quickly dissipated as we became more acquainted with the tool. What's truly impressive is the support from the Getint team; their comprehensive demo and walkthroughs made a significant difference, not to mention their approachability and readiness to assist at any turn. It's clear they're not just providing a service; they're offering a partnership.

Andrew Smith, Associate Information Technology Systems and DevOps Engineer


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