Seamless Data Transition: Azure DevOps and Jira Integration with Getint

DSK Bank enhanced productivity and workflow by migrating its project management to Jira with Getint. The seamless integration improved processes across IT and business teams.

Client Profile:

DSK Bank stands as a proud subsidiary of OTP Group, Hungary's premier financial powerhouse. With its roots in OTP – Central and Eastern Europe's distinguished financial beacon, DSK Bank fortifies its regional dominance in the finance world.

Key Stakeholders:

Project Lead: Velizar Velizarov

Client Liaison: Svilena Georgieva

Objective of Integration/Migration:

DSK Bank aspires for unified project management under the Jira canopy. Through this endeavor, it aims to bolster productivity, streamline workflows, and enhance reporting across its diverse teams, spanning IT (DEV, BA, QA, and more), Project Management, Scrum Masters, and various Business units.

Data Integration Specifics:

Issue Type Migration (from JIRA to AZURE):

  • Epic > Epic
  • Story > User Story
  • Sub-task > Task

Fields Being Migrated (from JIRA to AZURE):

  • Title(Summary) ↔ Title
  • Description ↔ Description
  • Epic Name ↔ Title
  • Priority ↔ Priority
  • Sprint ↔ Iteration path
  • Comments ↔ Discussion
  • Status ↔ Status
  • Acceptance Criteria ↔ Acceptance Criteria
  • Epic Link ↔ CreateParent/Child link

Success Parameters:

A triumphant migration would be marked by the flawless transfer of all data items while retaining their intricate hierarchies and embedded information.

Vendor Selection Essentials:

In our pursuit of the perfect vendor, we prioritize:

  • Stellar addon ratings.
  • A substantial number of downloads indicating trust.
  • An intuitive interface, coupled with effortless configuration.
  • Fair licensing prices.
  • Comprehensive documentation and clear descriptions.

Why Getint Emerged as the Winner:

While TFS4JIRA Azure DevOps integration was on our radar, Getint swayed us in its direction. Recommendations from our esteemed partners and suppliers, paired with Getint team’s persuasive presentation, cemented our choice.

DSK Bank's Getint Experience:

Our experience with Getint's addon has been exemplary. We particularly commend its effortless configuration, sophisticated interface, and the plethora of customization avenues it presents.


"In our journey towards digital transformation, Getint has proven to be a pivotal ally. Its seamless integration and migration capabilities are just the edge we needed." - Velizar Velizarov, Project Lead at DSK Bank.

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