Travel Chapter’s Transition: Migrating from and Zendesk to Jira Cloud

Travel Chapter, a leader in the holiday letting industry, migrated from and Zendesk to Jira Cloud using Getint. This migration streamlined operations, preserved data integrity, and reduced costs.

Client Overview: Travel Chapter

Travel Chapter has over three decades of expertise in the holiday letting industry and stands as a leading agency for self-catering accommodations across the UK. Known for a personal approach that blends regional presence with expert services, Travel Chapter aids thousands of property owners and holidaymakers in experiencing memorable vacations. Their commitment to simple, stress-free, and successful letting has earned them a Platinum Trusted Service Award from Feefo in 2020. Based in Bideford, Devon, and employing over 800 professionals, Travel Chapter continues to be a pioneer in enhancing the holiday experience with technology.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Contact: Kieran Tanner, Zendesk to Jira Migration Objective:

Following the acquisition of a company with an established set of tech tools, Travel Chapter faced the challenge of technology duplication between their existing Jira platform and the newly acquired and Zendesk systems. To unify their operational workflows into a single ecosystem and reduce licensing costs, Travel Chapter initiated the migration of historical data and tasks from and Zendesk to Jira.

Challenges and Solutions:

Initial attempts to migrate using manual methods like JSON and CSV file transfers only captured basic field data, omitting crucial attachments, comments, and custom fields which often contain key insights and information vital to ongoing tasks. Recognizing the need to preserve this comprehensive context within each task, Travel Chapter sought a more capable migration solution.

Data Integration Specifics:

  • Issue Types Migrated:some text
    • Tasks from
    • Incidents and Change Requests from Zendesk
  • Fields Migrated: Comprehensive data fields including titles, descriptions, comments, attachments, and custom fields.

Success Metrics:

The primary goal was to maintain historical integrity and functionality within Jira, allowing for the discontinuation of and Zendesk to consolidate tools and significantly reduce related costs. The effectiveness of the migration was measured by its ability to preserve the full data spectrum, thereby eliminating the need for manual data handling and reducing overheads.

Vendor Selection Process:

Travel Chapter required a solution that could effectively handle the complexity of migrating data from both Zendesk and After an extensive search through the Atlassian Marketplace and other platforms, they chose Getint based on its unique capability to support both systems, its positive reviews, and its proven track record in complex migrations. Getint’s demo and free trial showcased the functionality and reliability needed, convincing Travel Chapter to proceed with the migration.

Client’s Experience with Getint:

Travel Chapter successfully migrated over 20,000 tasks with Getint’s assistance, which seamlessly handled the transfer of all essential data elements. The transition not only streamlined their operational tools into one platform but also achieved significant cost savings in software licenses and operational efficiencies. The comprehensive capability of Getint to handle diverse data types and its intuitive use led to a smooth and swift migration process, meeting all of Travel Chapter’s strategic objectives.

This case study highlights the strategic necessity of tool consolidation in modern enterprises and demonstrates the effective application of Getint in facilitating significant IT transformations within the holiday letting industry.


With the <-> Jira Integration by Getint, we effortlessly synced tasks between and our Jira instance. The ability to mass migrate issues with ease and then maintain a two-way sync allowed us to seamlessly change a departments systems, this included attachments, comments, custom fields, and statuses. It’s been a game-changer! Thanks again Getint/Jacek.

Kieran Tanner

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