A Decade of Customer Service Expertise: Welcoming Jesus to the Getint Team


July 9, 2024

Since its founding, Getint has been driven by a core belief: exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of a great user experience. Today, we are excited to introduce a new member who embodies this philosophy and will play a pivotal role in enhancing our customer relationships - Jesus Zapata.

Meet Jesus: A Passionate Professional Dedicated to Customer Success

With ten years in the industry, Jesus has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve customer satisfaction. His approach is characterized by empathy, active listening, and a relentless pursuit of excellence - qualities that align perfectly with Getint’s commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience. Whether it’s addressing concerns, resolving issues, or providing insightful advice, Jesus excels at building positive and lasting customer relationships.

Aligned with Getint’s Values

Jesus was drawn to Getint by our shared passion for innovation and customer-centricity. He appreciates how our team remains focused on creating outstanding products while prioritizing the customer experience. In his own words:

"I love how passionate the Getint team is. Everyone is so focused on their goals and creating an awesome product while providing the best possible customer experience."

Beyond the Professional Sphere

Outside of his professional life, Jesus enjoys spending quality time with his family and indulging in his tech interests. He’s a tech enthusiast who loves tinkering with his computer setup, always seeking ways to optimize and improve his systems. In addition, Jesus is an avid gamer, finding relaxation and enjoyment in the world of video games.

Welcome on board!

We are confident that Jesus’s experience, enthusiasm, and dedication will significantly contribute to our mission of exceeding customer expectations. His proactive approach and deep customer insights will help us continue to provide unparalleled support and build stronger customer relationships.

Join us in giving Jesus a warm welcome to the Getint! We are excited about the fresh perspectives and expertise he brings. We look forward to achieving new milestones together with him on our team.


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