Enhancing Security with Proxy Support on GetInt Platform

New Release

April 25, 2024

We're delighted to unveil another significant, enterprise-friendly feature to the GetInt platform – Proxy Support.

GetInt is a platform that thrives on user feedback, continually evolving to meet unique customer needs. Our recent collaboration with a prominent European Atlassian Platinum Partner for an intricate project at an Austrian EU bank is a testament to our commitment.

The Driving Force Behind Proxy Support

As a banking institution, the client had stringent security requirements. For the first time, we faced the challenge of implementing Jira-Jira integration via a proxy to access the client's Jira Data Centers. This was a unique opportunity to enhance our platform's versatility.

What sets GetInt apart as an enterprise tool is our unwavering dedication to personalization. We strongly believe that our tool should adapt to customers' needs, rather than expecting them to adjust to our product.

When no other company showed interest in customizing a tool to meet this client's complex needs, we stepped in. With a determined mindset, we were confident that if a solution existed, we would find it. After defining the scope, our team met the challenge head-on, delivering the required solution.

GetInt was the ideal choice for this scenario due to its ability to operate entirely behind the firewall.

Introducing Proxy Support for Jira Integrations

With the OnPremise version of the GetInt platform, users can now designate a proxy for communication with apps integrated with Jira. As a native Jira application, GetInt will utilize the proxy settings established in Jira.

Understanding Proxy Servers

A proxy or proxy server functions as an intermediary or gateway, facilitating communication between a client and a server. It forwards requests from clients to servers and vice versa, creating a secure communication channel between the two endpoints.

Proxy servers can serve multiple purposes:

Anonymity: Proxy servers can mask a client's IP address, ensuring privacy and hindering tracking. This feature is beneficial for users mindful of their online activities being monitored.

Access control: Proxy servers can limit access to certain websites or content by blocking requests to specific IP addresses or domains. This feature is particularly useful for organizations aiming to restrict access to specific websites or content for security reasons.

Content caching: Proxy servers can cache frequently requested content such as web pages, images, or videos to enhance performance and reduce bandwidth usage. This feature is beneficial for organizations with numerous users accessing identical content.

Load balancing: Proxy servers can distribute incoming requests to multiple servers, balancing the load to prevent server overload. This feature is useful for websites or applications experiencing high traffic volumes.

Security: Proxy servers can add an additional security layer to network traffic by scrutinizing incoming and outgoing traffic for malware or other threats. This feature helps protect against cyber attacks and hacking.

By adding support for Proxy, we're taking a step further in offering robust, secure, and personalized solutions to our clients' unique needs on the GetInt platform.


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