Getint's Debut on Adaptavist's Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast: Our Journey So Far


February 27, 2024

In March 2021, we had the exciting opportunity to join Ryan Spilken from Adaptavist in our debut podcast as Getint. In this blog post, we're revisiting that milestone and sharing with you the story of Getint's inception.

Getting to Know Ryan Spilken

Senior Communications and Engagement Manager at Adaptavist, Ryan Spilken is a recognized speaker at Atlassian Summit (Team 22 event), and at Atlassian User Group meetings. An edutainment connoisseur, Ryan's roles include hosting Adaptavist’s Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast and Team Titans Podcast series. His experience ranges from being a Jira technical trainer, a learning and development consultant, and he currently spearheads digital content production at Adaptavist.

A Closer Look at Adaptavist

As a top Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Adaptavist extends its support to over half of the Fortune 500 companies. The Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast is helmed by Ryan Spilken and Brenda Burrell.

The Genesis of Getint

Our relationship with Ryan dates back to our time at Spartez (now Appfire). The birth of our company offered an excellent opportunity to partake in a podcast.

Our company, Getint, an acronym for "Get Integration", almost bore the name IntHub as an abbreviation for "Integration Hub". Fortunately, a last-minute company launch under the same name led us to choose 'Getint', a name we've grown to appreciate. We often joke that whenever we hear phrases like "get it done" or "get in", it sounds remarkably like our company's name.

Why Getint? Why Integrations?

We established Getint out of our desire to create business-critical applications, with integrations being a perfect fit. Our expertise in the integration domain, coupled with years of experience developing various integration tools and serving a global clientele, guided our decision.

We're firm believers that integrations are becoming an essential for companies striving for efficiency. With a multitude of exceptional tools available, a single tool solution for all departments may not be the best approach. Getint allows each department to utilize their preferred tool while maintaining seamless collaboration with other teams and contractors.

The Advantages of an Integration Platform

Initially, we assumed the primary benefit of an integration platform would be speed – the ability to integrate data in real-time. However, the journey taught us that the actual advantage lies in avoiding human errors while copying and pasting data.

A real-time sync between teams is a valuable asset for companies, improving collaboration and ensuring data isn't lost.

What Sets Getint Apart From Other Integration Tools?

Our tool is designed with technical individuals in mind, such as Jira Administrators and DevOps specialists. Getint provides a user-friendly setup (3 min setup), high customizability, advanced scripting, and robust reporting capabilities with log previews. Furthermore, our tool can either work as a standalone platform integrating various tools like Jira, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, and GitLab, or as a Jira application integrating just Jira with one Azure DevOps instance. On top of all these, Getint offers consulting and custom development services, ensuring our product fits your specific needs.

A Quick Overview of Getint's Array of Integrations

Thanks to Getint's scalable architecture, we've been able to swiftly add new integrations. Starting with popular tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, and Asana, our platform quickly expanded. Retail Assist, one of our first customers, scaled from a single Jira integration with three ServiceNow instances to four ServiceNow instances, and requested integration with Freshservice. True to our promise, we delivered.

For the full podcast conversation, visit: Adaptavist Live Episode 112 Transcript


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