Jira - the most popular Collaboration Software Tool, according to the Sentiment Analysis report


November 7, 2023

In our recently released 2022 Collaboration Software Tools Ranking, we scrutinized the sentiment surrounding Jira, Asana, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Monday, and Clickup. We used Brand24 to gather data for an entire month, in an attempt to discern which tool garnered the most positive sentiment.

This post narrows its focus on Atlassian’s Jira, the champion in popularity amongst all the collaboration software tools we researched. Although not the most positively received, Jira indisputably claimed the trophy for the highest volume of mentions.

Jira's Popularity Peaks in the US

Examining the number of mentions per selected country reveals that the United States generated the most Jira chatter. In comparison to other tech-heavy markets like the UK, Germany, or Australia, the discrepancy in numbers is nothing short of noteworthy.





Who Tweets Most About Jira?

In our February 2022 research, the top three Twitter profiles frequently engaging with Jira were:

These include Atlassian's official account, Deiser - an Atlassian Platinum Partner from Spain, and Ravi Sagar - a Jira Consultant and author of various Jira-related books and video training. Ravi also featured as our guest in the inaugural episode of our IntegratiON video series on YouTube.

Popular Hashtags Associated with Jira

Curious about the most commonly used hashtags alongside #jira? Here are the front runners:

Unsurprisingly, #atlassian, and #confluence are at the top. Other prominent keywords include #agile, #remotework, #digitaltransformation, and #scrum.

What Do Positive Jira Mentions Look Like?

You might wonder about the nature of these mentions we're referring to.

And for comparison, here are mentions that were classified as "negative":


We hope you found our Jira-centric insights enlightening. If you're contemplating integrating Jira with other tools like Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, Asana, Freshdesk, or others, don't hesitate to reach out. We're always eager to lend a hand. 😉


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