New feature: Items filtering pro

New Release

April 26, 2024

Time to introduce another enterprise-friendly feature: Items filtering pro.

While helping out more than 1,000 companies now, we’re getting a ton of feedback from our clients. We believe, there is no better way to build a backlog, than just answering the real, existing needs. This way, by delivering the feature we make the life of the customers easier, and nicer.

This approach proved to be successful – here is just one example of the feedback we’re getting from people starting to test out the platform.

Hi team, first off I have to say that I’ve seen so many Jira integrations over the years and this one is without question the best thing I’ve ever seen. Awesome job with both the tool and the clarity of documentation

Use case for Items filtering pro:

Company A syncs with company B, tickets are created by company A and only if the status is for testing, the ticket should go to company B. When this condition is met, only then an ongoing data exchange, the sync, should happen.

Filter out All the items, just new ones, and/or just the already sync ones.

Filter out items based on a field. The tool will show you all the ones, available for a given project.

Based on the feedback from the customers during beta tests, we learned that sometimes they need to filter items based on more than just one variable. We added this improvement, and now the feature is available for everyone in the newest version of the getint platform.


Whenever integrating collaboration software tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, Asana, or migrating from one tool to another you want to use a platform that offers you a wide variety of options.

It’s also important to work with a tool that constantly improves, and listens to the customers adding the features that they request.

Getint is doing exactly that.

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