Enhanced Features and Updates on Getint: 1.25 version released on the Atlassian Marketplace

New Release

April 26, 2024

Comprehensive Item Synchronization

We've made several enhancements to make item syncing more seamless and convenient. These updates include:

  • Preview counts of subitems (comments, links, attachments) synchronized during item sync.
  • Enabled option for epic link deletion.
  • Resolved markup parsing exceptions for smoother functionality.

Scripting and Custom Logic Features

Bolster your UI-based configuration with our advanced SCRIPTING feature, now allowing custom logic scripting in JavaScript. This feature extends the capability of the UI, permitting personalized logic for tailored functionality. Also, we've introduced an option to enable/disable type mappings for easier navigation.

Enhanced Data Import/Export

We've addressed an import/export fix that was creating inconvenience. Now you can perform your data import/export operations seamlessly.

Property Guarding for Synced Data

To ensure the integrity of your synced data, we've added properties guarding feature. Now, you can specify which properties need rechecking if changed during a sync.

Introducing Freshdesk/Freshservice Integration

We're excited to announce the addition of Freshdesk/Freshservice to our app integrations! This new addition allows you to connect and sync your data with these platforms effortlessly.

Streamlined On-Premise Updates

To make on-premise trial installation less strenuous, we've added support for H2 database, eliminating the need for PostgreSQL database installation. Now, you can effortlessly run the on-premise app as a docker-compose with easy-to-use scripts. For Windows users, we've provided a run.bat script.

Efficient Version Management and Log Viewing

Upgrade to new versions smoothly with our upgrade.sh script. You can also upload new versions directly from the UI. To provide you with more insight into your app performance, we've added an app logs viewer. Now, you can access and read app logs directly from the UI.

Customization and Enhanced Performance across Platforms

We've made significant enhancements and fixes across various platforms like Zendesk, Jira, Asana, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, GitLab, and Monday.com. These updates focus on improving HTML formatting, custom field synchronization, improved performance in fetching data, fixing epic links creation, support for syncing numerical fields and embedded images, and more.

Getint.io - Always Evolving

Our goal is to continually evolve to meet your data synchronization needs. Whether it's refining our existing features or adding new integrations, we're committed to providing you with a platform that simplifies your workflows. Stay tuned for more updates!


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