Introducing Oracle Database Support in GetInt's On-Premise Versions

New Release

April 26, 2024

We're delighted to announce the expansion of our platform capabilities to now include support for Oracle Database (Oracle DB) in our on-premise versions and native Jira Server/Jira Data Center applications of the GetInt platform.

Background: Oracle DB Support for On-Premise Jira ServiceNow Integration

Every unique integration case enhances GetInt's tool, ensuring it continues to evolve and improve. While approximately 96% of new projects benefit from our out-of-the-box solution, the remaining 4% present more complex scenarios, demanding tailored approaches.

Being an enterprise-focused company, we rise to meet these intricate, personalized, and often unique challenges. One such example came from a Swiss/Italian Atlassian Partner who sought our help to implement a ServiceNow-Jira Data Center integration for an Italian bank. Given the high-security requirements (GetInt needed to function behind the firewall) and the substantial volume of integrated issues, the decision was clear: we'd use the On-Premise version of our GetInt ServiceNow-Jira integration.

Generally, the initial step in implementing our tool involves requesting a machine from the IT team. While the requirements are straightforward, the client this time could only access a machine that used Oracle Database instead of the PostgreSQL DB that our platform typically employs.

After some deliberation, we decided to custom develop GetInt's platform to support Oracle DB. This endeavor took roughly two weeks, and now our tool has been successfully deployed in production, facilitating the bank's daily operations.

A More Versatile GetInt: Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL Support

With the added support for Oracle DB, GetInt now supports three key database systems: Postgres DB, Oracle DB, and MSSQL. This expanded support further cements GetInt's standing as an enterprise-friendly solution. Enterprises, which often favor Oracle over Postgres, will find GetInt even more accommodating. Simultaneously, small to medium businesses can continue to utilize Postgres as the default database supported by our integrations platform.

Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL are popular relational database management systems (RDBMS), each with their unique strengths and differences. Comparing Oracle and PostgreSQL, for instance, reveals a few distinctions:

  • Licensing: Oracle is a commercial RDBMS, requiring users to purchase a license. PostgreSQL, however, is an open-source RDBMS available free of charge.
  • Scalability: Oracle is renowned for its scalability, apt for large datasets and high transaction volumes. PostgreSQL, on the other hand, is more suited to small-to-medium databases.
  • Performance: Oracle boasts advanced features for database performance optimization, like automatic query optimization and parallel processing. PostgreSQL's performance leans more heavily on the skill of the database administrator.
  • Data Types: Oracle supports a broader array of built-in data types than PostgreSQL, encompassing spatial data, multimedia data, and object-oriented data.
  • Cost: While Oracle requires an expensive license, PostgreSQL is free. However, the cost of hiring skilled database administrators for PostgreSQL can sometimes be higher due to its open-source nature.
  • Availability: Oracle's advanced features such as automatic failover and data replication enhance its availability, whereas PostgreSQL requires more manual configuration.

The decision between Oracle and PostgreSQL hinges on an organization's specific needs. If scalability and performance are top priorities, Oracle might be the right choice. If cost-effectiveness and flexibility are paramount, PostgreSQL might be preferable.

By catering to all these different scenarios, we aim to ensure GetInt remains a versatile, comprehensive solution for all your integration needs.


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