1x Azure DevOps to 2 x Azure DevOps integration

MercuryWorks, a consultancy with 25+ years of experience, implements Getint to securely and efficiently synchronize their monolithic Azure DevOps backlog with multiple client backlogs. This study highlights the process, objectives, and the reasons for choosing Getint over other tools.

Client Profile:

 For over 25 years MercuryWorks has been helping Business Leaders identify pragmatic solutions to improve profitability and IT Leaders solve their most complex and difficult problems. This can be as straightforward as custom web application development, intranet development and mobile solutions or full-blown data integration, workflow management and business intelligence. Oftentimes we’re brought in to provide specialized expertise and other times clients rely upon us to help them with resource constraints and bottlenecks getting in the way of their development success.

Key Stakeholders:

Business Lead: Donald Bickel

Delivery Lead: Jason Vogel

Misc client staff for implementation

Objective of Azure DevOps - Azure DevOps Integration:

Since MercuryWorks is a consultancy and we “bring work to the team” we utilize Azure DevOps to track all of our client backlogs in a single Project.  Since admitting clients to said single Project would expose all client backlogs to each client, this is not a workable solution for rich backlog creation and collaboration with client stakeholders.  Getint is our solution to synchronize our monolithic Azure DevOps backlog in a controlled fashion with multiple distributed client backlogs, mainly also in Azure DevOps.

Data Integration Specifics (Azure DevOps - Azure DevOps Integration):

Issue Type integrated:

  • Epic
  • Feature
  • Product Backlog Item
  • Bug

Fields Being integrated:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Effort
  • State
  • Area Path (depending on client)
  • Iteration (depending on client)
  • Repro Steps
  • Attachments

Success Parameters:

  • Security of client backlog intellectual property

Vendor Selection Essentials :

  • Completeness of features
  • Flexibility in filtering and mapping of fields
  • Reliability of synch service
  • Clear user experience
  • Price

Why Getint Emerged as the Winner (and what other tools you have tested, a small comparison of why Getint was chosen):

We tried a couple of extensions from the Azure DevOps marketplace but none of them came close to Getint for the selection essentials.

Getint Experience:

It’s been - professional and responsive.


“Using Getint has been great and the granularity on what we can sync along with rules on what gets synchronized exceeds our expectations.”

Donald Bickel, Partner

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