Deloitte's Integration Mastery: Enhancing Jira and ServiceNow Connectivity

Client Overview:

Deloitte, a global leader in consulting with a rich 178-year history, employs over 415,000 professionals worldwide. Our focus in this case study is on their Brazilian branch in São Paulo, where we've been working collaboratively for over a year.

Project Scope (Jira - ServiceNow integration):

Initiated through a partnership with a Brazilian Atlassian Platinum Partner, our project with Deloitte began with the goal of integrating their Jira Cloud with three ServiceNow instances. This project has since expanded to four connections and is poised to grow to five. The essence of this integration lies in connecting Deloitte’s Jira with the ServiceNow instances of their clients.

Our Contact at Deloitte:

Carlos Alves, a proficient security analyst, spearheads this project at Deloitte Brazil.

Jira - ServiceNow Integration Goals:

The primary aim of integrating Jira with ServiceNow is to proficiently manage incidents identified by the customers’ SIEM tools. Efficient operations demand seamless integration of our Jira with client-specific ServiceNow instances.

Current and Future Connectivity:

Currently, we have established four robust connections and are in the process of expanding to a fifth. Each ServiceNow instance is meticulously connected and integrated with our Jira Cloud, ensuring a seamless flow of information.

Integration Details:

  • Incidents: Syncing ServiceNow incidents with System Incidents in Jira Service Management.
  • Fields: Approximately 10-12 fields are integrated per connection, with some being bi-directional and others uni-directional.
  • Additional Integrations: Statuses, both public and private comments, and attachments.

Challenges Faced:

The most significant hurdle was linking dynamic fields between Jira and Q-Radar, specifically custom fields that accommodate dynamic values.

Why Getint Stands Out:

Getint has been pivotal in meeting our specific needs, thereby fostering a strong, collaborative relationship. Its effectiveness and adaptability to our unique integration requirements make it an invaluable tool for our operations.

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