Exalate vs Getint: Pathlock's Azure DevOps Jira Integration Success

Azure DevOps to Jira: Exalate vs Getint

Client Overview: Pathlock.com

Pathlock offers a comprehensive platform that centralizes access governance, automates audit and compliance workflows, and strengthens application security. Supporting integration with over 140 applications, Pathlock enables customers to effectively manage security and compliance across their core ERP systems and additional applications. Pathlock employs 500 professionals worldwide.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Jason Trodd, Senior Director - IT and Platforms
  • Mahesh Harpalani, Atlassian Cloud Administrator

Reason for Azure DevOps to Jira Migration:

Pathlock opted to consolidate their project management tools to enhance operational efficiency and data accessibility. While Azure DevOps was utilized by certain technical teams, Jira is broadly used across the company. Migrating from Azure DevOps to Jira Cloud centralized historical data and facilitated ongoing syncs, streamlining project oversight and management.

Azure DevOps Jira Cloud Integration Objective:

The primary goal is to enable comprehensive, company-wide reporting within Jira, by integrating it with Azure DevOps. This integration is aimed at improving visibility of tasks and creating management dashboards directly in Jira and Confluence, making it easier for Product Owners and Project Managers to track project metrics from a unified platform.

Data Migration/Integration Specifics:

Pathlock’s integration covered extensive issue and field types

Issue Types (Pathlock integrates a lot of fields, including about 25 custom fields, here are some examples): 


  • Story - Product Backlog Item
  • Bug - Bug
  • Epic - Epic
  • Feature - Feature
  • Task - Task
  • Request for Training - Request for Training (custom field type in Jira)


  • Title - Summary
  • Azure Ticket Number - Id
  • Azure Ticket created by - Created by
  • Documentation Status - Documentation Status
  • Hotfix Delivered Cersions - Hotfix Delivered Cersions
  • Integration in Buid - Integration Build

Additionally, Pathlock is integrating comments, attachments, and statuses.

Exalate vs Getint

Pathlock initially started with Exalate when the project began and needed to quickly implement a tool.  As Pathlock began using Exalate and set up the necessary fields, they encountered several issues. Although the support team was engaged and made efforts to assist, Pathlock faced significant stability challenges with the solution that hindered their progress. This led them to seek alternative solutions.

Upon searching the web, Pathlock found Getint and noticed it was also listed on the Atlassian Marketplace, now boasting the newly acquired Cloud Fortified status. After initiating discussions, Getint appeared to be the ideal tool for Pathlock's needs, prompting them to make the switch.

Client’s Experience with Getint:

Pathlock was impressed by Getint's approach to customer experience, characterized by its straightforward and comprehensible pricing structure. Notably, the pricing for the Jira app was inclusive, eliminating the need for additional payments for the DevOps connector and sparing them from any installations on the DevOps side. The Getint team proved to be helpful, responsive, and adaptable, readily offering custom pricing to meet Pathlock's specific requirements.

The configuration of Getint is notably user-friendly. Pathlock recalls internal discussions highlighting how Exalate's coding integration builder was daunting for non-technical team members. In contrast, Getint's interface is so intuitive that it empowers everyone to manage their integrations with ease—scripting remains an option but isn't necessary due to the efficacy of the default UI.

Pathlock's team was able to complete integrations much faster with Getint than with Exalate. Setting up Exalate, on the other hand, was complicated by having to configure both the Jira and DevOps sides, involving two separate UIs and double the costs.

Ultimately, Pathlock managed to set up both tools, but Getint's setup was significantly quicker and easier..


Pathlock’s transition to Getint for Azure DevOps to Jira integration streamlined their project management processes, enhanced data visibility, and improved cross-team collaboration. The successful migration and synchronization not only met but exceeded Pathlock's operational needs and strategic objectives.


We found Getint to be easy to set up, configure and get to testing very quickly. The interface to create our sync configuration was intuitive ,the product works very well, and support requests were handled quickly! We’ve purchased a license and are looking forward to getting all our Azure DevOps->Jira sync requirements into production as soon as possible.

Jason Trodd, Senior Director - IT and Platforms

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