Integrating Jira Cloud with 2 ServiceNow instances

Revolutionizing Managed Services: CMD's Jira & ServiceNow Integration

Client: CMD Solutions, Australia

About CMD Solutions

Since 2015, CMD Solutions has delivered cloud technology solutions that deliver new and transformational benefits for its clients. A deep AWS practice, CMD Solutions has grown recognized in the market for its high-quality professional services, trusted client relationships, and technical caliber.

CMD Solutions are part of the rapidly growing Mantel Group house of brands, established in November 2017, and is a dynamic and growing business. Mantel Group was recognized in the AFR’s 2020 fastest-growing new companies, LinkedIn’s Top Australian Startups, and most recently won #1 best place to work for 2023 in the Great Place to Work Survey in the medium-sized category. They have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Queenstown, Magnetic Island, and Auckland, supporting a team of hundreds that will continue to grow All the brands of Mantel Group share the same commitment to delivering solutions to the highest standards, fostering the tech industries’ most talented team, all while building a culture of trust, collaboration, and commitment to our client’s success

Our contact:

Greg Taylor, Service Delivery Manager. He is responsible for ensuring that Managed Services are delivered to customers in a timely and efficient manner, working as part of a team who provide support and technical assistance. He tries to ensure smooth operations, resolves customer issues as they arise, and works as a trusted advisor to his clients.

Scope of the Jira – ServiceNow integration

CMD Solutions provides support and managed services to various Australian businesses and governmental organizations. They need to securely synchronize their Jira Service Desk with many customer service desk systems, and integrate complex workflows. Greg’s experience shows that clients would always like to use their own service desk system. They don’t want to use the system of a Vendor. That gives them comfort to have one place to log issues, and if the issue is meant for a Vendor, they just want to integrate it with the Vendor’s system – not go to a different place, and log issues in a different system. They want to have a single source of truth to manage issues.  

On the other hand, a CMD Solutions team also needs to have one system, where the Site Reliability Engineers could go, and solve issues of various clients. There is no way to ask a team to check each client’s system separately. So both a client and a service provider need to have their own, single source of truth. That means integration is a must.

The first iteration includes integrating our Jira instance with 2 ServiceNow instances belonging to clients. Filtering of tickets is required to prevent clients from seeing each other’s issues, while providing a single view to CMD personnel, via assignment groups (ServiceNow) and Organizations (Jira Service Desk).

What were the challenges?

One of them was simply setting up environments, with no direct access to client systems. Getint solved this issue because there is no need to install any application on the systems themselves. CMD uses a standalone, SaaS application, and all they need is user credentials, to establish the connections with the client’s system. That helps a lot.  

Another thing was helping to reassure clients that their sensitive information is secure.

Who initiated the process internally?

The process was initiated by the CMD Managed Services team in an effort to increase the efficiency of communications.

What are the must-have things that must be met, to consider this project successful?

The app must be able to integrate comments and attachments.

It needs to be able to filter out issues to sync by a given criteria (f.e. the sync happens only, if the Assignment Group field has the value X”).

Additionally, it’s useful that the app doesn’t synchronize the internal comments. This allows customers and suppliers to talk freely within their own systems.

What are the most important factors you consider when choosing the Vendor to work with?

It comes down to two things. A price, and the ability to collaborate.

Greg expects the Vendor to support them while setting up the tool and also deliver custom requests if they occur – even later on, while they will be using the app.

Lastly, the comfort of scaling. Greg and the whole CMD work with a lot of customers, so they may have growing needs to integrate with various systems, not only Jira, and ServiceNow (f.e. Zendesk, Freshservice, and other Jira Service Desk instances). For all those reasons, getint is the right organization.

Greg, why do you like Getint so far?

I like the architecture of it. It easily connects with the apps and works in both directions. It’s a cloud-native type of application.

Some other applications try to too tightly integrate with Jira the way that Jira wants to do those integrations. The fact that you don’t have to run getint as a Jira application is a strength.

I also like the customization options.

I work with different customers, and each ServiceNow instance of a customer is different. Getint offers the flexibility to set up the integration with each of them differently and set up the workflows uniquely for each connection.

Another thing is flexibility in pricing, getint team understood our case, and proposed a customized offer to meet our needs.


The Getint Integration software is crucial for enabling our clients to communicate and share data seamlessly with us, which helps streamline the support process, improves efficiency, and reduces errors.

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