Making Data Flow: ServiceNow and Jira Integration

Airbus Protect successfully integrates its dedicated Jira with a customer's Service Now ITSM using Getint, ensuring flawless synchronization and preserving the integrity of security incident workflows.

Airbus Protect Client Profile:

Airbus Protect is a subsidiary of Airbus Group. The main role of Airbus Protect is the protection from cybersecurity attacks as well as for the Airbus Group itself than for external customers.

Key Stakeholders:

‍Project Lead: Deian Vikov

Client Liaison: Brigitte Plessis

The objective of Jira ServiceNow Integration:

One of the external customers of Airbus Protect is using the Service Now ITSM for its internal needs. Thus, the customer wants the security incidents created by Airbus Protect in its dedicated Jira to be synchronized with their Service Now.

Jira <-> ServiceNow Data Integration Specifics:

  • ‍Issue Type Migration (from JIRA to SERVICE NOW):
  • Incident > Security Incident (security module installed in SERVICE NOW)

Fields Being Integrated (from JIRA to SERVICE NOW):

  • Title (Summary) ↔ Title
  • Description ↔ Report Hidden
  • Priority ↔ Priority
  • Comments ↔ Work Notes
  • Status ↔ State
  • Threat Category ↔ Category
  • Root Cause Category ↔ Close Code 
  • Issue Key ↔ Alert ID

Success Parameters:

A successful migration would be marked by the flawless synchronization of the data items and the integrity of the issue workflows.

Vendor Selection Essentials:

In our pursuit of the perfect vendor, we prioritize:

  1. High add-on ratings.
  2. A substantial number of downloads indicating trust.
  3. An intuitive interface, coupled with effortless configuration.
  4. Fair licensing prices.
  5. Comprehensive documentation and clear descriptions.
  6. Responsive support.
  7. Possibility of adding on-demand extra functionalities.

Why Getint Emerged as the Winner:

Getint was very responsive to all our specific demands and needs. Getint was able to adapt the connector to the specific security module installed in Service Now and support the transfer of inline images embedded in HTML fields.

Airbus Protect's Getint Experience:

Intuitive GUI configuration with multiple specific cases taken into account. Easy monitoring and debugging.


"In the difficulties integrating our customer ticketing tools with our own, Getint is a partner of choice. Its seamless integration capabilities are what we were looking for."

Deian Vikov, Project Lead at Airbus Protect.

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