Syndis Employs Flexible Getint Licensing for Multi-Client Integration

Client Profile

Syndis stands at the forefront of information security, offering tailored solutions and innovative strategies to global organizations. With research as its backbone, Syndis not only meets but exceeds the advanced security requirements of its clients, developing proprietary technologies and methodologies for unparalleled service.

Key Stakeholders

  • Project Lead: Bára Hlynsdóttir
  • Delivery Lead: Svanberg Hjelm Guðnason

Objective of Integration (Jira - Jira, Jira - Asana)

Syndis aimed to streamline its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) operations by synchronizing project data from its internal Jira environment to various client ticketing systems, including Jira and Asana. The goal was to provide a seamless and secure service experience in both Syndis’s and the clients' environments.

Data Integration Specifics

Issue Type Integration:

  • Incidents
  • Tasks

Fields Integrated:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Various Statuses

Success Parameters

The project's success hinged on Syndis's ability to effectively pick up specific-status Jira tickets from its environment, replicate them in clients' ticketing systems, and synchronize statuses and comments across these platforms.

Vendor Selection Essentials

Syndis sought a partner that resonated with its values of security, integrity, and reliability. Key requirements included:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-understand documentation
  • Configurational flexibility
  • Prompt, responsive support

Why Getint Emerged as the Winner

After reaching out to several vendors, Getint stood out with its rapid response and consultative approach. They provided tailored solutions fitting Syndis’s unique operational needs and security demands.

Syndis’s Getint Experience

Syndis found Getint’s user interface both user-friendly and versatile, offering an array of possibilities to enhance service quality.


"During the installation of the Getint product, we received outstanding support and consultation. The service provided by Getint was exemplary, playing a crucial role in enabling us to offer superior services to our clients."

Bára Hlynsdóttir, Project Lead at Syndis.

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