Migrating 7 Jira Server instances to Zendesk

Uncover the intricate process of migrating seven Jira Server instances to Zendesk, as undertaken by a global IT consulting giant with getint.io's bespoke consulting and development services.

Client: IT consulting company with €18 billion revenue

Location: Global, HQ in France


Migrate 7 Jira Server  instances of various sizes to Zendesk with the getint.io consulting services, and custom development. 6-month contract, and the license for the On-Premise getint.io platform.

Getint.io provided license for getint.io platform with a custom license, and custom development services.

The app: Zendesk Jira integration [2-way issue sync + migration]

About the Client

Our client is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services. The company has 325,000 team members in nearly 55 countries. The Group reported 2021 global revenues of €18 billion.


The challenge

Due to the company’s strategy, the client’s team needed to migrate from Jira Server  to Zendesk, with all the typical Jira fields like title, assignees, and description, with comments, attachments, and plenty of custom fields specific to the way Jira was used by the Client.



After several calls with the client teams, we specified the scope of the project, we’ve identified where the platform was missing some features and we started to execute custom development. We were working with the client on a daily basis, on a dedicated slack channel. When the platform was ready, we did test migration, and when we were sure everything was done as requested, the client’s team performed successful migrations.

Quote on the Atlassian Marketplace:

Good product, great support – I really recommend this vendor and their plugin.

by Dorota Popowska, Capgemini

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