Asana Salesforce integration

Combining Asana's robust project management capabilities with Salesforce's CRM prowess allows for an integration that revolutionizes workflow efficiencies. By ensuring that tasks, and customer data are harmoniously linked, teams can make informed decisions, foster client relationships, and ensure project deliverables are aligned with customer needs. This powerful merger amplifies the strengths of both platforms, offering a holistic view of projects, sales pipelines, and client interactions

We support the integration of all the most important fields, including

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3-minute setup to get you up and running asap

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    No need to install the Asana or Salesforce app/connector.

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    Set up the connection with Asana and Salesforce.

  • 03

    Implement the fundamental types association (e.g. Issue to Task).


    Map the fields like assignees, labels, and more.


    Name your integration, save the settings, and relish the enhanced functionality.

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Asana Explained

As a beacon in task and project oversight, Asana garners global appreciation. Built to simplify team interactions, it extends a structured environment for effective task planning, monitoring, and culmination. Through its organized interface, establishing targets, delegating duties, and observing project timelines becomes intuitive. Broadening its spectrum, Asana covers workload supervision, ambition tracking, and smart automations. Its versatility, magnified by diverse integration potential, makes Asana a must-have for corporations keen on elevating team coherence and task efficiency.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce, a magnum opus of, Inc., is the CRM platform of choice for many businesses globally. Its encompassing suite addresses sales, customer outreach, and marketing needs efficiently. Its design, focusing on usability, aids in lead generation, relationship fortification, and timely deal closures. Venturing beyond primary CRM functionalities, Salesforce boasts an array of applications, enriched by a comprehensive app exchange. It's a beacon for firms targeting improved customer interactions, sales growth, and business acceleration.

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