Unified Service Management: Jira and Freshservice Integration for Seamless ITSM Operations


April 26, 2024

Unified Service Management: Jira and Freshservice Integration for Seamless ITSM Operations

In today's multifaceted IT environment, ensuring that tools and processes communicate effortlessly has become paramount. The collaboration between Jira and Freshservice exemplifies this quest for harmony. But why is this integration so pivotal, and how can your organization harness its power?

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1. Understanding the Players

Jira: Renowned for its agile project management, Jira facilitates software development teams in tracking issues, organizing sprints, and managing backlogs.

Freshservice: A modern IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, Freshservice offers solutions for incident, problem, change, and asset management, making IT operations smooth and user-friendly.

When these two powerhouses combine, the result is an enriched IT landscape that addresses both development and operational concerns.

2. Seamless Ticket Transition

Integrating Jira with Freshservice means that IT issues identified in one platform can be instantaneously reflected in the other. For instance, a bug identified in Jira can be automatically logged as an incident in Freshservice, ensuring no delay in resolution and no manual data entry.

3. Enhanced Visibility for Stakeholders

With this integration, stakeholders from both development and operations gain a 360-degree view of issues. Developers can see the operational impact of the software bugs they're fixing, while IT operations can track the progress of bug resolution directly within Freshservice.

4. Advanced Data Mapping

To make the integration truly resonate with your organization's unique needs, custom field mapping is crucial. This ensures that specific fields in Jira correspond to their relevant counterparts in Freshservice, from issue types and priorities to custom fields tailored for your processes.

5. Historical Data Sync

Much like real-time data, historical data is equally critical. The integration allows for a comprehensive data migration from one platform to the other, ensuring no historical insights are lost in the transition.

6. Leveraging Automation for Efficiency

The fusion of Jira and Freshservice can be elevated with automation rules. Imagine auto-assigning Jira tickets based on Freshservice incidents or auto-updating the status of linked items across platforms. Such automations minimize manual interventions, reducing the scope for errors.

The integration of Jira and Freshservice is a beacon for organizations aspiring for cohesive IT environments. By bridging the gap between software development and IT operations, businesses can ensure faster resolutions, improved visibility, and elevated user satisfaction. In the age of digital transformation, such integrations are not just desirable—they're indispensable.

Mastering Jira-Freshservice Integration with Getint's IaaS Expertise

As the integration ecosystem continues to burgeon, the pivotal role of an efficient IaaS platform in determining operational efficiency, scalability, and security becomes more evident. Getint rises as a leading IaaS contender, perfectly aligning with both technological and functional requisites. Here’s a detailed exploration of why Getint is an unparalleled choice:

  1. Impenetrable Security Assurance: Upholding the pinnacle in security benchmarks, Getint proudly boasts ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 certifications. This dedication echoes its thorough emphasis on safeguarding both corporate and individual data.
  2. Adaptable Deployment Solutions: Getint places adaptability in the spotlight. Whether your inclination is towards OnPremise configurations, Jira-centric applications, or a cloud-based SaaS approach, Getint extends a rich array of deployment strategies aligned to your enterprise topology.
  3. Pinpoint Accuracy via Advanced Filtering: A holistic integration is as much about precision as it is about breadth. Getint’s avant-garde filtering tools grant you the power to finely tune integration specifics, ensuring fluid and purposeful data transitions.
  4. Candid, Unambiguous Pricing: Sidestep the maze of complex pricing matrices. Getint pioneer in offering clear-cut pricing dynamics. The elimination of external connectors further ensures that what you see is what you get — a single, comprehensive price tag.
  5. Swift Integration with 3-Minute Onboarding: In our fast-paced world, every second counts.
  6. Robust Scripting Complemented by User-Friendly UI: For multifaceted, tailored integration requirements, Getint provides powerful scripting tools. This advanced functionality doesn’t compromise on user experience, thanks to its user-centric UI that addresses both straightforward and advanced scenarios with simplicity.
  7. Flawless Legacy Data Assimilation: Historical data is a treasure trove of business insights. Acknowledging this, Getint facilitates the effortless migration of this data, ensuring uninterrupted intelligence gathering (premium feature).
  8. Versatile Integration Capabilities: Getint’s vision surpasses mere Jira-Freshservice amalgamation. It’s a comprehensive tool, adept at flawlessly meshing various software applications. Be it multiple versions of a singular tool or a diverse software stack, Getint manages with unparalleled expertise.
  9. Tailored Solutions and Mastery in Consulting: Recognizing the distinctiveness of each enterprise, Getint offers tailored development services.
  10. Endorsed by Industry Pioneers: Getint's prowess is both theoretically sound and practically validated. A vast network of over 1,700 global enterprises, including market leaders like Lufthansa, Mercedes, Capgemini, Deloitte, Fujitsu, Samsung, and Skoda, have vouched for Getint’s impeccable integration services. For an in-depth look at these triumphant collaborations, delve into the case studies here.

In the realm of software integrations, Getint stands as a visionary, seamlessly weaving data tapestries and creating synergistic operational tunes. With endorsements from global behemoths and an impressive track record across myriad industries, opting for Getint equates to choosing unparalleled mastery, agility, and extensive functionalities.

Setting Up the Integration with Getint

1. Head over to the Atlassian Marketplace

Input "Freshdesk/Freshservice <-> Jira [works behind the firewall]" Activate a free trial to kickstart the process.

2. Formulate connections with Jira and Freshservice.

One of Getint's standout features is its hassle-free setup. The need to implement the app on both Jira and Freshservice is bypassed. By sidestepping external connectors, Getint offers an economical approach by waiving bifurcated payments — for both Jira and Freshservice separately. Integration is smoothly executed via a Service Account, ensuring a fluid and swift configuration.

3. Type and Field Synchronization

Commence by pinpointing the exact elements you desire to sync. Is the focus on Incidents aligning with Bugs? Service Requests mirroring Tasks? Within the specified entities, create associations for distinctive fields: Title synchronizing with Summary, Description, Assignees, Tags interlinking with Labels, Priority, amongst others.

4. Harmonizing Statuses

Following this, coordinate the statuses to reflect your operational dynamics. Be it a straightforward one-to-one correspondence or a more nuanced one-to-many relationship, it's crucial to align with your business structure. The auto-correlation feature is a boon for those targeting efficiency. Having these alignments ensures that task progression tracking is organic and effortless.

5. Implementing Precision Filters

For those eyeing a granular synchronization, the precision filtering option is your go-to. When integrating specific tasks based on niche criteria, initiate filters centered on the respective fields. This guarantees a focused and relevant data linkage.

6. Legacy Data Transition

Getint's prowess isn't confined to just real-time data synchronization. It also excels in legacy data transitions. Facilitate data shifts from Freshservice to Jira leveraging a framework akin to the one for active integrations. Regardless of whether it's a singular data move or maintaining constant alignment post-transition, Getint stands as an indispensable tool.


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