On-going integration between Jira Cloud and ServiceNow and Azure DevOps

Discover how Dr. Martens revolutionized their technology department's efficiency and agility by seamlessly integrating Jira Cloud with ServiceNow and Azure DevOps, ensuring a unified view of backlogs and streamlined request management without the need for rekeying information.


Dr. Martens


Global, HQ in the UK


Enable ongoing integration between Jira Cloud and ServiceNow and between Jira Cloud and Azure DevOps.  

About Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is an iconic brand that sells to consumers in more than 60 countries. The first boot was born on 1 April 1960 in Wollaston, England, and was so-called the “1460”.

The 1460 boot began the brand’s journey to become one of the most recognised footwear brands in the world. Our products are worn by a diverse consumer base who use Dr. Martens boots and shoes as a symbol of their individual self-expression. Dr. Martens operates across three geographic regions: EMEA, Americas and APAC. Our product segments include Originals, Fusion, Kids and Casual and a complementary range of Accessories

What was the challenge you needed to address?

We needed a unified view of backlogs across the various teams within the Technology department, as well as an easy and efficient way to escalate requests into the backlog without rekeying information.

Jira is our preferred tool for backlog management, but we also use ServiceNow for Incident and Request Management and Azure DevOps for code management.  We want our teams to spend their time delivering value rather than rekeying data between systems and be able to use the right tool for the right requirement.

Within ServiceNow, each Technology team has a separate Assignment Group to manage their Incidents and Requests, and we needed to be able to route tickets to individual Jira projects when needed.  Similarly, in Azure DevOps, each development team has their own Project and we needed to be able to synchronise Epics and Stories between that and Jira.

What prompted this?

Within the Dr. Martens Technology department we have implemented a new operating model to become more agile and increase our efficiency and quality.  One thing that was quickly highlighted as an issue was the lack of a joined-up view of team backlogs across the department and the need for people to waste time rekeying information between systems.

Part of our new operating model included standardising on Jira for the backlog management so we looked on the Atlassian Marketplace for a solution and found getint which looked like the perfect fit for our needs, since it supported both the applications that we needed to integrate with Jira.

What is the definition of success for this piece of work?

Ultimately, the definition of success is that once we’ve configured the integrations, we don’t have to think about it again and it just runs seamlessly in the background.  We need to have absolute confidence that it will work and stay working without needing constant attention.

How did you find the initial setup?

We added the app from the Atlassian Marketplace and watched the YouTube video and found it very easy to do the initial integration.  The part that took the longest was confirming with our teams how they wanted their integrations to work, since each team has slightly different approaches, so navigating that took longer than the setup in getint itself!  One thing that made life very easy is that the way getint is designed makes it easy to tailor integrations for different working practices, which is key to enabling maximum efficiency for each team.  Lots of companies promise to have you up and running in 5 minutes after watching a YouTube video but that actually was the case here!

What are the most important factors for you when choosing a vendor?

The critical factor for us is having a vendor who is customer-centric and highly responsive and thus becomes more of a partner.  With some other vendors, their technology might be OK, but they are unhelpful and their processes are not customer-centric at all.  Also, if things are painful in the pre-sales environment, it’s not a good sign for their ongoing support.  With getint the service was excellent, and we really felt that you wanted us to succeed.


“GetInt makes our Technology teams much more efficient by integrating our core tools.  It is flexible enough to enable teams to work as they need to and reliable enough that we don’t have to worry about it.”

Dan Morgan, Global Head of Cloud & Infrastructure

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