ITIM's Retail Revolution: Streamlining Operations with Freshservice and Jira

Discover how ITIM revolutionized retail operations by integrating Freshservice and Jira through Getint, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness in the retail sector.

Client Overview:

ITIM, a trailblazer in retail optimization, empowers multi-channel retailers to enhance financial performance and compete effectively against giants like Amazon. With a prestigious clientele, of which details can be found on its website (, ITIM has a wealth of experience within the retail sector. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, ITIM has 4 offices across Europe with London UK being its headquarters and stands as the hub of innovative retail solutions.

Key Stakeholders:

  1. Project Lead: Khaja Siddiqui, Support Manager
  2. Customer Success Director: Roy Meunier
  3. Integration Partner: Gian Dulay

Integration Objective:

In a strategic move, ITIM employs Getint to integrate Freshservice and Jira, enhancing ticket synchronization for about 8 of their clients. This integration aims to streamline ticket management between PMC FreshService portal and ITIM’s Jira Cloud instance, ensuring a flawless flow from the first-line support in FreshService to the second line in Jira.

Data Integration Specifics:

ITIM’s integration encompasses:

Issue Types: Support Incidents, Bug Fixes.

Fields: Bi-directional and uni-directional synchronization of key fields:

  • Title - Title (One direction)
  • Priority - Priority (Bi directionally with additional mappings)
  • Jira ID - Issue Key (One direction, read-only type of field)
  • Requester in Jira - Site Id (One direction)
  • Callers Reference - Customer Call Reference (Bi directionally)
  • Requester Email - Email Address (One direction)
  • Group - Group (Bi directionally with additional mappings)
  • ID - PMC Reference (One direction)
  • Category - Product Level 1 (Bi directionally with additional mappings)
  • Sub-Category - Product Level 2  (Bi directionally with additional mappings)
  • Description - Details (One direction)
  • Type - Call Type (One direction)
  • Customer Name - Contact Name (Bi directionally)
  • Department - Customer Name (One direction)

Additionally, Itim is integrating also comments, attachments, and statuses:

Jira Freshservice integration - Success Metrics:

  • Stable, seamless, and error-free integration.
  • Accurate, timely synchronization of all mapped fields.
  • Periodic, error-monitored integration runs for all clients.
  • User-friendly operation with template setup for easy replication across clients.

Vendor Selection Process:

ITIM’s choice was heavily influenced by a partner recommendation. After initial challenges, Getint’s responsive support and custom development solutions have led to over six months of flawless operation, with no downtime or issues, earning high satisfaction from ITIM.

Client’s Experience with Getint:

ITIM praises Getint for its ease of use and adaptability. The ability to create and replicate templates across various clients has streamlined their operations, proving Getint’s effectiveness in handling complex retail service demands.

PMC retail comment:

ITIM was a new customer that wanted to integrate their Jira application with PMC’s Freshservice ITSM tool. This was a challenge for the PMC admins as an integration was not implemented before across any of its customers. After several discussions with ITIM the requirements were provided with a clear direction of what was needed. Upon reviewing tools in the marketplace Getints integration capabilities stuck out to PMC due to the fact it had a seamless implementation which did not require technical resources. An integration that could have taken over a few weeks with another provider took less than 3 hours to complete across 8 integrations for 8 of ITIM’s customers! This allowed PMC and ITIM to start providing services to customers with the integration in place before the retail peak period which was vital. The integration has proved a success and PMC are looking to utilise the integration across many of its customers.


The Integration between FreshService and Jira went smoothly with the Getint App. The App does the job we need it to do. We have been very pleased with the ease of use and abilities of the integration App. When came upon any technical issues the support team response was prompt in fixing it.

Khaja Siddiqui

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