Paradox Interactive's Integration Success (Jira<-> DevOps integration)

Paradox Boosts Game Dev with Azure DevOps -Jira Integration

Client Profile

Paradox Interactive, the Stockholm-based video game publisher renowned for grand strategy titles like Europa Universalis, Stellaris, and Crusader Kings, has been a key player in the gaming industry since 2004.

Key Stakeholders

  • Project Lead: Zsolt Suto
  • Application Liaison: Sarah Lager

Objective of Integration/Sync (Jira <-> Azure DevOps)

The primary goal was to ensure seamless collaboration between the studio handling "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2" and Paradox’s QA team. The integration challenge stemmed from the studio's reliance on Microsoft’s suite for project management, while Paradox utilized Atlassian products. Getint was implemented to bridge this gap, enabling both teams to work within their preferred systems, thereby reducing complexity and workload.

Data Integration Specifics

Issue Type Sync (JIRA to AZURE & AZURE to JIRA):

  • Bug tickets

Fields Being Synced:

  • Titles, descriptions, steps to reproduce, severity, priority, version, bug area, applicable platforms, blocking issue, streams, components, found stream, verified in version, attempts, verified, seen, iteration path, labels/tags.

Success Parameters

The integration achieved around 98% success. The one-way bulk-sync operation was flawless. Post-setup, data moved smoothly, though some initial challenges arose from discrepancies in database field requirements. A highlight was the exceptional and prompt customer service and support.

Vendor Selection Essentials

  • Configurable synchronization between Azure DevOps and Jira databases.
  • Efficient, seamless ticket synchronization.
  • Rapid and effective technical support.
  • Flexible pricing structures.
  • Immediate integration capability.

Why Getint Emerged as the Winner

GetInt was shortlisted alongside another tool based on recommendations from our partners at the Chinese Room. Getint was chosen for its feature-rich platform, customizable pricing, and the positive experiences our QA manager and IT team had with their support.

Paradox Interactive’s Getint Experience

Working with Getint has been a remarkably smooth and productive journey. The technical support was proactive, encompassing not just email assistance but also numerous calls. In a time of increasing SLAs, this responsiveness has been a major advantage. Getint’s user-friendly interface, coupled with exceptional customer service, makes it a highly recommendable tool for complex integration needs.


GetInt synchronization between Azure DevOps and Jira saved a lot of work through an easy to understand and streamlined interface, and with the help of an excellent troubleshooting suite. The GetInt team has always been very responsive to requests and even provided fixes to issues found while using the integration solution. The synchronization across completely different database systems has helped us maintain the dev cycle with minimal downtime or disruption.

Jakub Potapczyk - Publishing Quality Manager

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