Azure DevOps for Jira app among fastest growing apps on the Atlassian Marketplace


February 27, 2024

Celebrating Achievement: Making it onto the Fastest Movers Report

We’re thrilled to bits to announce that our app, “Azure DevOps for Jira integration, migration [Enterprise]” has made it onto the Fastest Movers report. This isn’t just any report, folks! It’s put together by the experts at Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) – a part of Contegix, who are veterans in recognizing top-notch Atlassian Marketplace apps.

Why the Fastest Movers Report Matters

The Fastest Movers report is a big deal in our world. It shines a light on the apps that are really shaking things up in the 3rd party Atlassian Marketplace. If you make the cut, you’re doing something right!

Team Recognition: The Success of Our App

Our app’s inclusion in this list is a big pat on the back for our team who’ve been burning the midnight oil to deliver an app that really hits the mark. It’s all about making Azure DevOps and Jira play nice together, making life easier for businesses everywhere.

Boosting Confidence with MARS's Fastest Movers Report

Being featured in MARS’s Fastest Movers report is a real confidence booster for us. It confirms that we’re on the right track, providing solutions that are relevant today and ready for whatever the future throws at us.

User-Centric Development: The Key to Our Success

This wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and support from you guys – our awesome users. Your feedback, ideas, and constant encouragement have been key in making this app what it is today.

Our Hardworking Team: The Engine behind the App

A huge shout-out also goes to our incredible team. Their hard work, grit, and love for tech have enabled us to bring you an app that’s making waves in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Never Resting: Commitment to Continuous Improvement

But we’re not resting on our laurels. The tech world moves fast, and so do we. We’re committed to making sure our Azure DevOps for Jira integration, migration [Enterprise] app keeps on leading the pack.

Vision for the Future: Keeping the Momentum Going

Even as we celebrate this success, we’re already thinking about what’s next. Our mission remains the same: to keep delivering top-drawer solutions and keep raising the bar.

Acknowledging MARS and Contegix: Platforms that Nurture Excellence

A big thanks to MARS and Contegix for this recognition and for providing a platform that showcases the best of the best in Atlassian apps.

Inviting Continued Support: Onwards and Upwards

With your continued support, we’re all set to tackle what’s next. Here’s to more breakthroughs, more evolution, and more kick-ass solutions! Onwards and upwards, folks!


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