Three of Our Apps Earn the "Rising Star" Badge on the Atlassian Marketplace


April 26, 2024

We are proud to announce that three of our latest apps, focused on integrating task management across different platforms with Jira, have been awarded the "Rising Star" badge on the Atlassian Marketplace. This recognition is given to new apps that significantly enhance user experience through seamless integration and practical functionality. Here’s a closer look at these apps that are simplifying task management for Jira users.

1. Notion Integration for Jira

Notion Integration for Jira enables effective task management by linking Notion tasks directly with Jira. This integration ensures that task lists and project statuses are synchronized between Notion and Jira, allowing teams to maintain their workflow preferences while leveraging Jira’s powerful tracking capabilities. Keep your project details aligned and accessible, whether you're updating from Notion or Jira.

2. Integration for Jira and Trello - 2-Way Integration

Integration for Jira and Trello - 2-Way Integration bridges the gap between Trello and Jira. This app syncs Trello cards with Jira tasks in real-time, providing a unified view of project progress across both platforms. Manage your projects using the tools that fit your team’s needs best, while ensuring that all data remains consistent and current.

3. Airtable Integration for Jira

Airtable Integration for Jira connects Airtable tasks with Jira, facilitating a smooth flow of information and updates. This integration makes it easy to manage tasks across both platforms, enhancing visibility and coordination. Track, update, and manage tasks effortlessly, ensuring that every team member has the latest project insights at their fingertips.


The "Rising Star" badge from Atlassian Marketplace underscores our commitment to developing practical and robust integration solutions. These three apps are perfect examples of how we are helping teams streamline their workflows by connecting their favorite task management tools with Jira. Check out these apps on the Atlassian Marketplace to see how they can enhance your project management process.


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