Seamless Data Transition: Freshservice Jira Integration with Getint

This nonprofit, with over 50 years in the motion picture and TV industry, supports 55,000+ workers with safety training and efficient admin services. Their Freshservice to Jira integration streamlines ticket handling for enhanced efficiency.

Client Profile:

For nearly 60 years, Contract Services has served as an invaluable partner to the motion picture and television industry, preparing a workforce of more than 60,000 Industry Professionals — those exceptionally talented individuals who work "behind the camera" in the motion picture production industry — and ensuring that vital behind-the-scenes functions are carried out safely, smoothly and efficiently. From acclaimed industry-wide safety training to administration of industry rosters, as well an assortment of other services, Contract Services supports the motion picture and television industry in California and beyond by serving as a “one-stop shop” to meet a wide array of contractual, legal and regulatory requirements. As a nonprofit organization performing these tasks under a single roof, Contract Services creates meaningful cost efficiencies for the entertainment industry while maintaining an unparalleled standard of excellence.

Key Stakeholders:

Project Lead: Contract Services’ IT department

The objective of Jira Freshservice Integration:

External teams and departments send requests to the IT Department through Freshservice. But several IT teams leverage JIRA to manage request tickets. Contract Services needed a way to automatically pass Freshservice requests to JIRA when appropriate.

Data Integration Specifics:

Issue Type Migration:

• Freshservice Incidents converted to Jira Issues
• Freshservice Service Requests converted to Jira Issues

Fields Being Migrated (from Freshservice to Jira and vice-versa [<->]):


• Replies (Freshservice) <-> Comments (Jira)
• Status (Freshservice) <-> Status (Jira)
• Description (Freshservice) → Description (Jira)

Service Requests

• Replies (Freshservice) <-> Comments (Jira)
• Requested Items (Freshservice) <-> Description (Jira)

Success Parameters:

Complete success for Contract Services meant the “Incidents” and “Service Request” tickets can be filled out in Freshservice and all of the data will successfully transfer to Jira (most integrations are bi-directional).

Vendor Selection Essentials:

• Working product
• Fair price
• Willingness to problem-solve when issues arise
• Helpful/responsive support staff
• Detailed documentation

Why Getint Emerged as the Winner:

Contract Services tried several different apps/add-ons within the Freshservice app marketplace but were unable to find one that was able to deliver the functionality they needed. When they searched the Jira app marketplace, they found Getint’s app, and everything they needed was there! With the free 30-day trial, Contract Services began testing the Getint app, and it had the functionality the organization needed on top of an easy-to-use interface.

Contract Services’ Getint Experience:

Our experience with Getint has been outstanding. We would specifically like to note the management and support team’s patience and willingness to work with our company, even as early as during the 30-day trial period.


“The SaaS marketplace is crowded with companies making grand promises, making it difficult to sift through the noise to find a product that meets our technical and financial needs. We found Getint to be the solution that fit our needs. Getint’s app does what they say it does, and their customer service has backed that up.” –

Steve Kao, Contract Services Chief Information Officer

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