Jira Service Management GitLab integration

Integrate Jira & GitLab: Efficient, Intuitive, Collaborative. Pairing Jira with GitLab streamlines your workflow to new heights. This integration fuses two top-tier development and project management tools, ensuring that both internal and external teams can work in harmony by consolidating data effortlessly across platforms. Delve into a holistic integration experience as you synchronize issues, milestones, and more, all while tailoring with tags, notes, and statuses. For those considering a shift, transition gracefully between Jira and GitLab without compromising on data integrity.

We support the integration of all the most important fields, including

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Name of field

3-minute setup to get you up and running asap

  • 01

    No need to install the GitLab app or connector, simply use a Jira app.

  • 02

    Set up the connection with Jira and GitLab.

  • 03

    Implement the fundamental types association (e.g. Issue to Task).


    Map the fields like assignees, labels, and more.


    Name your integration, save the settings, and relish the enhanced functionality.

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Insight into Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management, an Atlassian prodigy, offers a blend of service desk and ITSM strengths. With global IT circles singing its praises, it emerges as a seamless conduit for pristine IT service management. Its contemporary design ensures swift incident arbitration and adherence to SLA norms. Extending its outreach, it now serves myriad business support realms. Owing to its versatility and a sundry of Atlassian marketplace assets, Jira Service Management carves its niche as a go-to tool for businesses emphasizing service excellence and continuous operational enhancement.

What is GitLab?

GitLab is a comprehensive DevOps platform crafted by GitLab Inc. Revered by developers and teams globally, GitLab offers an end-to-end environment to manage, plan, and execute software development projects. Its intuitive interface facilitates the entire lifecycle from coding to deployment, allowing teams to initiate repositories, manage merge requests, and oversee continuous integration and deployment processes. Beyond its foundational code management features, GitLab has branched out to offer monitoring, security capabilities, and more, catering to the diverse needs of modern software development. Its scalability, bolstered by a plethora of integrations and features, cements GitLab's position as a pivotal platform for teams desiring streamlined collaboration, robust security, and seamless code-to-production transitions.

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