Jira Software GitHub integration

Integrate Jira & GitHub: Streamlined, Intuitive, Powerful Merging Jira with GitHub has never been easier and more effective. This seamless integration combines two premier software development tools, allowing both developers and project managers to collaborate by linking issues effortlessly. Experience a robust integration as you associate Jira tickets with GitHub tasks. Whether you're shifting platforms or just starting out, integrating Jira and GitHub ensures a cohesive workflow without data disparity. From the initial integration steps to consistent updates, our team is dedicated to ensuring you maximize efficiency at every stage.

We support the integration of all the most important fields, including

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Name of field

3-minute setup to get you up and running asap

  • 01

    No need to install the GitHub app or connector, simply use a Jira app.

  • 02

    Set up the connection with Jira and GitHub.

  • 03

    Implement the fundamental types association (e.g. Issue to Task).


    Map the fields like assignees, labels, and more.


    Name your integration, save the settings, and relish the enhanced functionality.

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What is Jira?

Jira, a tour de force by Atlassian, reshapes the landscape of project synchronization and issue resolution. A pillar for agile communities, it sketches a comprehensive blueprint for software undertakings. Its user-centric platform accentuates clarity in task segregation, urgency rating, and milestone visualization. Jira's dynamism finds applications beyond software, diving deep into realms of IT strategy and business process fine-tuning. With its robust suite of add-ons, Jira stands as an exemplar of teamwork fluidity.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a leading platform for code hosting and version control used by developers worldwide. Established as a community for sharing and collaborating on code, GitHub offers a dynamic environment to manage, review, and contribute to open-source projects. Its intuitive interface, coupled with tools for code review, issue tracking, and integration, allows developers to streamline the software development process. Beyond its core functionality of Git-based version control, GitHub has expanded to provide features like GitHub Actions for CI/CD, GitHub Pages for website hosting, and more. The platform's extensive integration capabilities and vibrant developer community make GitHub an essential resource for teams seeking to foster innovation, maintain code integrity, and promote open-source collaboration.

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